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There are so many things we cannot control as we head back on to the ice. Don’t let your body slow you down. The below is for you even if you haven’t been able to stay active over the past few months. I want to make sure your first few slides, games and the rest of the season is spent enjoying time with your curling family playing this game we all love.   #1. Check out the 3-part series on the Empowered Performance for Curlers podcast that aired last month. Listen below or on your favourite streaming service. Part 1 -Reverse Engineer your Curling Goals Here Part 2 -The Bare Minimums Here Part 3 -Safe Transition to On-Ice Performance Here   #2. Maybe you need a better step-by-step guide to help prepare your mentally and physically for stepping back on the ice. That’s where the Back to Curling Kickstarter comes in. The Kickstarter is a toolbox of strength, cardio, brushing and yoga for curling put together to help you fill in the gaps in how you are moving. Back to Curling Kickstarter Program Here   #3. (ADDED Nov 22, 2021) read my top tips for Returning to Curling with Confidence in The Curling News (partnership with Sports Illustrated). Part 1 What 3 exercises can you do to make your delivery and brushing feel more comfortable & effective? Part 2 Setting realistic goals for this year, and how to maximize your time? Part 3 How to get the most out of your off ice training when you step back on the ice?     Don’t let your strength, fitness, or mobility limit your enjoyment of the game. Email for pricing and more info   Take care,   Coach Steph

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Return to Curling with Confidence [update]