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Today’s episode features English researcher and curler Jotham Sugden. We talk about his mission with his website www.leancurling.com centring around curling research.   We answer a couple questions such as:
  • How can an athlete and a coach determine what information is good?
  • How to combine experience and research with the human athlete in front you?
  • What matters more, experience, education or research?
  We also touch a bit on sweeping science   Listen on your favourite ap, at TheCurlingNews.com, or below Key resources mentioned:
  1. Using to best possible research evidence
  2. Utilizing curling experience and expertise
  3. Taking individual preferences into account
  • Contact form on website: leancurling@gmail.com
  • IG: leancurling
  • TPI for golf
  • Meta-analysis on curling research by Emily Zacharias
  • Joe’s challenge: 90 sec max sweeping test → looking for a drop off in power. Measure sweeping frequency and power (with smart broom or force plate -more validated).
    • Power = Force (vertical) x Velocity.
    • From video measure distance of brush stroke, and # of strokes to calculate velocity
    • Contact Joe for assistance/share results
  • Reminder: no 2 smart brooms are the same (can be helpful as a tool for individual session adjustments)

Below is a photo of Joe’s dryland sweeping device using a wood insert on an old broom, and 2 ball bearings. The purpose being it accentuates the push stroke and encourages a fast and strong recovery stroke

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Episode 79: Lean Curling on evidence based practice standards & crazy sweep tests

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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