Episode 74: Elements of a curling specific offseason training program 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
In this episode I provide a framework with which to put together your own offseason training program. I help you plan and organize what, when and why you will workout.   5 steps:
  1. Assess your performance, movement & fitness
  2. Identify your main priorities
  3. Determine how long your offseason will be & how the sessions will look
  4. Create a program that reflects the above
  5. Plan your reassessments and adjustments to ensure program is working
For those who want a professional to make their program, check out the table in the offseason menu HERE.   Here is a list of other episodes to help support developing your own off ice training program:
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  Key resources mentioned:   The following table outlines 3 possible training templates for a typical week:  
Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Push/ Pull exercises Push day Rest Pull day Rest Cardio specific day Recovery day Rest
High/ Low intensity High Low High Low High Low or Rest Low or Rest
Bodypart splits Lower body Core Rest Upper body Hips Cardio Rest
   Listen & watch below, on your favourite streaming ap or on Curling News/SI If you’ve got a question or case study example you can fill this out HERE.   To stay as up-to-date as possible, make sure to join the Empowered Performance newsletter and to follow me on Instagram at @empoweredperformance   Take care, Coach Steph

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Episode 74: Elements of a curling specific offseason training program

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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