Episode 64: How to workout during the curling season 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
The best curling athletes are in the gym training year round. This statement scares some coaches because their main priority in season is to perform well on the ice. In this episode I walk you through how to optimally juggle off and on ice training without sacrificing time on the ice or setting your athletes up for injury and burnout   I have 3 workout ‘themes’ I use to govern what I do in the gym (can be a facility or your at home setup) and walk you through how I use them with my athletes to set them up for on ice success   The In Season Training Guide (part of The Full Season Training Bundle) gives you more specific advice and sample workouts for those who need more guidance in season. Listen/watch below or on Curling News/SI Some other great episodes to check out:
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Episode 64: How to workout during the curling season

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


R.Kin, B.Ed, CSEP-CPT, Competition Development Coach in training, 200 RYT in training
On & Off Ice rehab & performance training. Providing tools and education to move better & play better.

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