Episode 23: Teach, Test & Repeat with Terri Weeks 150 150 Stephanie Thompson
In today’s episode I am joined by my favourite researcher Terri Weeks. She brings with her a simple evidence-based way to make sure your practices are deliberate, effective, and transfer into your game play.   Listen to learn how best to identify your performance gaps, plan your practices, and make your new skills automatic.
  • Step 1: Identify your performance gaps & identify your priorities
  • Step 2: Make a plan
  • Step 3: Complete deliberate & blocked practices
    • Teach, Assess, Retest
  • Step 4: Complete deliberate & random practice = prepares for game situation
  • Throughout: Take notes, on notes, on notes, and practice, practice & practice. 
Listen below or on your favourite streaming application: Key links mentioned:
  • Got a question for Terri about practicing? Email: weekst_23@live.ca  
  • Free Performance Gap Analysis
  • Fitts & Posner article mentioned: Fitts, P. M. (1967). Human performance. P8-14
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Episode 23: Teach, Test & Repeat with Terri Weeks

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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