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In today’s episode I am going to share what I’ve learned over the past decade about something we do 24-2800 times a day. Something that is influenced and influences your emotions, your mental state, your satiety, your sleep patterns, and how well you get the most out of everyday activities. It’s often overlooked, and oversimplified missing out on a few key features.   Athletes are always looking for innovative ways to improve their performance and get a leg up on the competition. At a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, finding things that are in their control whether they have access to the gym, or ice, or not is important.   We are in the midst of the world’s greatest ultimate off-season ever. It’s important to take advantage of this extra off-ice time to improve things like your cardio-respiratory health, mental and emotional health, and find ways to gain an edge as a high performer.   Simply bringing awareness to how you are breathing can provide insight into your health and performance efficiency.    Key thought leaders that have influenced my research & coaching include James Nestor, Patrick McKeown, Marc Megna, Brian McKenzie, Perry Nickelston and Shante Cofield. I’ve linked their respective resources & web pages for more information.   Key points:
  • Most humans are overbreathing, causing us to be inefficient at absorbing and utilizing oxygen
  • Volume of air breathed in does not equal more oxygen into the working tissues
  • Nasal breathing as often as possible is my most important tip
  Listen to the episode for a deeper understanding of the why and how to maximize your breathing.   If you want to learn more, & are looking for new ways to take advantage of the off-season, or maybe improving your performance & cardio-respiratory efficiency is important to you, consider joining me for the Better Breathing webinar May 3rd 2021. The webinar is when we are specifically diving into how to not only breath during day-to-day, but during training and how to use this new understanding of breathing, and how oxygen and carbon dioxide work in the body to improve performance.   Email steph@empoweredperformance.ca for more information about the webinar series & their accompanying DIY programs.   Please note that those that are pregnant, or have cardio-respiratory conditions should speak to their Regulated Health Care Practitioner before they begin changing their breathing habits. This podcast is not a replacement for speaking directly to a professional. I am sharing my recommendations, but encourage you to continue to use critical thinking, ask questions and do your own research to make the best decision for you and your body.   Thanks for listening. 🙂 Make sure to sign up for the newsletter here to stay as up to date as possible, and share this episode with your teammates!   Take care,   Coach Steph  

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Episode 03: Shut Your Mouth —The Key to Better Breathing

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson


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